Using SpamRaptor Spam Filtering with Microsoft Office 365

SpamRaptor is a great solution for customers using Microsoft Office 365 that want premium spam filtering.    According to feedback from our customers, there are currently no known issues with using SpamRaptor with Microsoft Office 365.

In your SpamRaptor delivery mail host setting, be sure to use the mail server host name assigned to your domain by Microsoft.  It usually looks something like this:

If you signed up for SpamRaptor after you switched to Microsoft Office 365, then this will be configured for you automatically.

Configuring Office 365 to only allow email from SpamRaptor (optional, but recommended).

Warning: These steps do not work with Office 365 Small Business, as the “Transport Rules” (steps 2+) aren’t included in that package. SpamRaptor will still be able to filter and deliver your mail, but you won’t be able to filter email sent directly to your server.

1. Login to your Office 365 account by going here:

2. Go to Mail flow > rules.

3. Click on the + sign to create a new rule, and then click on more options.

4. Name the rule:

5. Choose the “The sender is located…” and “is external/internal” options:

6. Make the rule apply to senders that are “Outside the organization“:

7. Create an exception to this rule for all SpamRaptor IPs, so that filtered email still gets through.  Where it says “Except if…” select the “Sender’s IP is in the range…” option and add each SpamRaptor IP:

All SpamRaptor IPs must be added. To enter multiple IPs, click on the + button.  See:

Current List of SpamRaptor IPs

Tip: If your domain uses Shared mail host in Settings > mai host, then please contact us for the specific IP’s of the current mail hosts we’ll send from.  Otherwise, switch it to the Dedicated mail host option so the IP’s listed in the current list will apply.


8. Where it says “Do the following…“, select the “Redirect the message to…” and “hosted quarantine” options:

Warning: Newer versions of Office365 may not have this exact option.  You may need to choose “deliver the messages to the hosted quarantine” if available.