Why does my quarantine report show messages addressed to other users?

If you are receiving quarantine reports, sometimes you will notice that the report shows messages that are not addressed to you.  This may seem like a bug or error.  But it is not.  There are two things to know:

1) Emails are similar to real physical letters.  There are To/From names and addresses written on the envelope, and also in the actual letter.  However, email users don’t get to see the envelope.  So when you see that a spam message was to a recipient that isn’t you, this usually means that the email was addressed to you on the envelope, but not in the letter.

2) It is a common practice among spammers to send messages to a bunch of users, written only on the envelope, but not on the letter.  This causes our users to question if certain spam emails are rightly showing up in their quarantine.  The answer is: yes.  The messages are rightly in the quarantine, even though it doesn’t look that way.

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