What are the DNS settings for SpamRaptor

For a quick and seamless setup:

You need to replace all of the existing MX records for your domain with the following:

yourdomainhere-com.p10.mxthunder.com. (priority 10)

yourdomainhere-com.p20.mxthunder.net. (priority 20)

yourdomainhere-com.p30.mxthunder.net. (priority 30)

 yourdomainhere-com.p40.mxthunder.net. (priority 40)

Example .COM : if your domain name is afterdarkgrafx.com then the records above would be:

afterdarkgrafx-com.p10.mxthunder.com. (priority 10)

afterdarkgrafx-com.p20.mxthunder.net. (priority 20)

afterdarkgrafx-com.p30.mxthunder.net. (priority 30)

afterdarkgrafx-com.p40.mxthunder.net. (priority 40)

Example .NET (.org, .cc, or other TLD): if your domain name is afterdarkgrafx.net then the records above would have .net in place of the .com for the domain.

 NOTE: The first MX record ends in “.com”, the remaining end in “.net” (it’s best to copy/paste the MX records).


Take a quick look at the list of Hosting Providers that require special attention


Using cPanel to update your DNS? Read this:    Configuring cPanel with SpamRaptor


 Once you have made changes to your DNS and any edits to your control panel/hosting account, Send yourself a test email from a remote email address (one that’s not on your domain name) to verify that your mail is delivering properly.

Example:  if you have a gmail account send an email from the gmail account to your regular email at your domain.


During the first 30 days SpamRaptor will automatically detect your valid email addresses.  After the 14 day trial period has ended you can setup additional email addresses for your domain via the control panel.

If you run into problems:


1)  You can always view and re-queue emails that have failed to deliver from within the control panel http://spamcontrol.afterdarkgrafx.com.


2) After sending a test message, view the delivery logs to diagnose the problem.


3) See our  support page, before contacting us as most answers are already there OR use our support ticket system here

If you need help making changes to your DNS or other help, please remit a support ticket with your username and password to your DNS provider (ie: Godaddy, Network Solutions, etc.)

NOTE: You may also receive emails directly from After Dark Grafx concerning your account or billing.