Should I turn off the catch-all feature?

By default, the catch-all will automatically turn off after the first 30 days.  When the catch-all feature is enabled our system will accept mail sent to any email address on your domain.  This feature is enabled for the first 30 days after setup so that we can automatically detect which email addresses are valid on your domain. Once the feature is disabled our system will only accept mail that is sent to ‘valid’ addresses.

You have the option to override this behavior by signing in to the control panel and going to Settings -> Catch-all.  Be warned that domains that leave their catch-all enabled will receive as much as 100 times as much mail.

At any time, you can review the list of email addresses that we consider ‘valid’ for your domain by signing in to your control panel and going to Settings -> Email Recipients.  All ‘valid’ email addresses are listed under the Approved andDetected tabs.  Mail sent to addresses listed under the Invalid tab will be rejected and will not count agains the total number of messages filtered.

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