Tips to Avoid and Block Unwanted Emails

Spam and unwanted emails are something that every individual hates and tries their best to
avoid. But still, many of us are found to ask the question how to block the unwanted emails
or at least, tips to avoid them. The reason is simple; no one wants to see his inbox filled with
emails for miraculous weight loss, home loans etc. Among such horde, the important emails
usually get lost and it actually is quite frustrating to search for the required email.

Not only they make your inbox unnecessarily packed but can be quite dangerous for your device as well. Many times, these emails are the transporter of bugs and virus and when an unsuspecting receiver opens such mails and clicks on the attached document or link, all hell
breaks loose. Now the question arises: what you can do to avoid such emails? And the answer lies in the next part of the post.


#1 Avoid the buyer’s list
If you are a businessman, then you would obviously be tempted by the idea of a long list of potential customers, just by spending a few bucks. Well, beware of such kind of lists are nothing but ticking time bombs that can explode that can bring down your reputation in just a few moments. If you have already done this, then the best for you is that your email may end up in a spam folder and the worst is that you may be tagged as the spammer.

#2 Keep an eye on the terms and conditions
When you sign for several services without checking the terms and conditions, you are
straightaway going into the trap of unwanted emails. Usually, when you sign up, the services ask
your permission to send you mails, newsletters etc to which you readily click on ‘I Agree’.
Now you need to unsubscribe from these services to avoid the mails.

#3 Use a spam filter
Usually, most of the email providers offer spam or junk filters to sort out the emails. But
again, they are not full proof. But over the time they can be ‘taught’ by moving the unwanted
emails to the spam or junk folder.

#4 Use a Junk or Fake Email Account
Using a fake email account, or “throw away” account (meaning you can delete it if it gets to
much spam) is a good practice when signing up for things online. You would then receive
email at this account and if it is good enough to keep, move it to your real email address. Use
it for blog posts, contests, and other information online where you do not want to give your
real email address if you know that you will receive a lot of spam. Once this account gets full
of spam, just delete it and make a new one.

With that being said, we hope that you have got the answer to how to block the unwanted
emails or avoid them. If you are looking for filtering service for the best results, try using
SpamRaptor. You can visit their website at for more details.