Stop Spam Before it Reaches the Server

You can stop spam before it reaches the server by using the SpamRaptor service. Your email uses our email servers first to free up bandwidth and reduce your service load on your hosted accounts. We do all of the heavy lifting before the email reaches your inbox.

Gone are the days of spending the first hour in the morning deleting emails. SpamRaptor stops spam fast!

See How this Spam Fighting Solution Works below;

Stop Spam Before it Reaches the Server

If legitimate email is blocked by our service you can simply whitelist the user and email and it won’t get blocked in the future. Our spam fighting solution for business stops 1000’s of spams a day from reaching you and your staff.

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Try it for 4 weeks, if not completely happy just cancel the service before you are billed. No hassles.

With the advent of spammers bypassing spam software solutions, you can now Stop Spam Before it Reaches the Server – Successful IT departments utilize a multi-tiered approach to blocking spam while allowing valid email to pass through to the server. This requires that a cloud based spam filtering service like SpamRaptor be the first line of defense in the fight against spam. Coupled with server-side solutions such as Spam Assassin and software running at the desktop level can you consistently block spam.

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Many of our clients have contacted us to thank us for this solution as other providers consistently up sell them for a stronger software solution. SpamRaptor’s basic plan is already the best spam fighting solution so there is no need for limited services because of the basic plan.