Stop Spam to My Business Email

Stop Spam to My Business Email

Stop spam to my business email by James Byrne – After Dark Grafx

Stopping spam to your business email is very important. These days, spammers are using every tool in the book to send you spam.

They use free accounts, email directly to your mail server and bypass your filters and more.

There are many spam email solutions on the market by SpamRaptor™ blocks 99.99% of spam to your business email.

Simply signup for a FREE SPAMRAPTOR TRIAL  and let SpamRaptor learn how spam is sent to your business email.  As our system is learning your patterns over the first few weeks, you will begin to notice a significant reduction in spam.

Easily add new email accounts that need to receive email to the spam raptor control panel and new users will be able to receive email and block unwanted email spam. SpamRaptor™ will initially learn all of the email accounts for your business. If it misses an account or two, you simply add them to the control panel.

How Do Spammers Get My Email?
Spammers will use automated software to scrape websites, message boards, social media and other internet sites. They will also send generic emails to every instance of common names like  John, Joe, Angela, Orders, Info, Support, Orders and more at your domain in an attempt to get a valid response and email delivery. Lastly, they will get your email if you use your business email to signup for newsletters or other delivered email services. These services, in some cases, will sell your email to spammers.  If you must get that newsletter, setup another account on a free service like gmail or yahoo that you can “throw away” once it gets inundated with Spam.  I would instruct all users at your company to follow this method in order to reduce spam.

SpamRaptor blocks email before it reaches your business email so all resources are utilized by SpamRaptor and therefore reducing your bandwidth and resource use on your own mail server.  Mail stays on the SpamRaptor control panel for 30 days and then auto-deletes itself so there is no management on your behalf to do this.

If someone says they have been emailing you and you are not receiving it, login to SpamRaptor and search for their email. You can then whitelist their email address so they can send you future emails.

Whether you have 1 employee or 100’s. SpamRaptor is your solution for stopping spam to your business.