How to Stop Junk Mail: Top 5 Tips for a Spam Free Inbox

Getting junk mails is one of the most frustrating things that most of us face every day. From the person who checks their emails once in a month to the person who checks it every second minute, junk mail is an annoyance. Spam has become a constant issue in our online world and it needs to be fixed once for all. Furthermore, if you’re thinking about How To Stop Junk Mail then continue reading this guide .

Here, we will be discussing some of the things you can do to prevent junk emails:

1. Use complicated email username

Spam software look for easy and obvious addresses first. Those with identifiable names have a higher risk of getting in the hit-list of spammers. So, ensure to use complicated email usernames so as to prevent your mailbox from getting junk mails.
2. Preview your message before you open them

Outlook allows you to see a preview mode of the emails you’ve received. Instead of double clicking on the email, you can click it once and select it to view on the reading panel.

3. Don’t respond

Make sure that you never, ever reply to a spam message as it actually informs your spammer that you actually exist. Spam emails usually use attractive subject lines and punctuations.
4. Don’t click on links

Make sure that you don’t click on any links in a spam email as it will let the spammer know that you received the email. It’s another way for the spammer to know that you actually exist.
5. Use a spam filter

Ensure to use anti-spam filters for your mailbox. This is the most effective way of protecting your email id from getting filled with spam emails. There are many free spam filters that you can use to protect your mailbox.


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