Pricing & Features Spam Filtering Service

Domain-Wide Spam Filtering 

Our business domain-wide spam filtering plan includes a FREE 4 WEEK FREE TRIAL! and 100,000 inbound messages per month (clean or spam). Stop spam before it reaches your inbox!

Our competitors charge per user per month. This adds up. WE CHARGE PER ENTIRE DOMAIN!

It’s simple:

  1. Email is delivered to you but goes through our mail servers first where it is analyzed.
  2. It is either blocked and saved in the online control panel that you can check or delivered to you if it appears to be a clean and valid email
  3. Easily whitelist or blacklist users as needed and deliver valid email from the control panel if caught by our filters.

Best Business Spam Filter

This reduces load on your mail servers and resources and allows you to get back to work instead of deleting spam emails for the first hour when you get to work.

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Less than 1% of our customers ever exceed the included allotment. Each additional 100,000 is just $9.95/mo.

was $249/year
per year
Domain-Based Pricing
Unlimited Email Addresses
Spam, Virus and Malware Filtering
100,000 Emails Per Month**
was $349/year
per year
Domain-Based Pricing
Unlimited Email Addresses
Spam, Virus and Malware Filtering
500,000 Emails Per Month**
was $995/year
per year
Domain-Based Pricing
Unlimited Email Adresses
Spam, Virus and Malware Filtering
1,000,000 Emails Per Month**

** Means how many emails you can receive for this particular plan.

NOTE: The name on your billing statement will be After Dark Grafx. You will receive emails from both After Dark Grafx and SpamRaptor related to this account.

Why Choose SpamRaptor Spam Filtering in the Cloud?

  • Remarkable Accuracy
  • Constantly Updated – by computer and humans
  • Virtually ZERO False Positives
  • Quarantine Viewer Included – View Messages without the threat of infection
  • No Tuning Required – Self Learnng
  • Nothing to Install
  • Unlimited Domain Aliases and Email Addresses
  • Reliable Service

Read full details on why to choose SpamRaptor


How do I know which plan to choose?: A typical user gets anywhere from 40 to 60 emails per day with the busiest person in the office receiving about 150 to 300 depending on industry. So, you can see that the 100,000 email account above would be used up quite quickly. You can opt to start with the basic plan and then upgrade the account as needed.

Standard Features
Domain-based pricing spamraptor ultimate email spam cloud service
Unlimited Email Addresses
Unlimited Domain Aliases [ details ] icon-checkbox
Spam, virus and malware filtering icon-checkbox
Over 23 million filter rules (and counting) icon-checkbox
100+ million senders reputation tracking system icon-checkbox
Virus and malware filtering icon-checkbox
Domain-wide filtering policies icon-checkbox
Custom domain-level filter rules icon-checkbox
Fail-safe design icon-checkbox
Email Archiving (30 days) icon-checkbox
Mail Bagging (5 days) icon-checkbox
Distributed cloud-based setup
(spanning multiple datacenters)
Destination fail-over MX support icon-checkbox
Remote monitoring systems icon-checkbox
Quarantine Plus message research tool icon-checkbox
Schedule hourly, daily or weekly reports icon-checkbox
View and recover quarantined mail (30 days) icon-checkbox
View and re-deliver clean mail (30 days) icon-checkbox
View message delivery status icon-checkbox
View raw mail logs icon-checkbox
Advanced Features & Intuitive Control Panel icon-checkbox
Dashboard with statistics and message totals icon-checkbox
Valid email address list icon-checkbox
Approved senders list (whitelisting) icon-checkbox
Blocked senders list (blacklisting) icon-checkbox
Active Directory / LDAP Sync icon-checkbox
Domain Alias setup icon-checkbox
Custom Email Address Forwarding icon-checkbox
Catch-all address icon-checkbox
Basic encryption using TLS [ details ] icon-checkbox
Email Address Tagging [ details ] icon-checkbox
Customer Support icon-checkbox
First level support (via email) icon-checkbox 24 hours per day / 7 days per week
Second level support (via phone) icon-checkbox Mon – Fri, 10am – 6pm (PST)
Chat Support icon-checkbox Mon – Fri, 10am – 6pm (PST)
Annual Pre-Pay Rate as low as $249.95/year – view current rates above – save more when paying annually
Month-To-month Rate $34.95/mo per domain – save more when paying annually
Additional 100,000 messages $9.95/mo
Overage Billing Spike Protection [ details ] Free!
Individual Quarantine Login
Also increases inbound messages allotment by 10,000 messages per month.
4 Week Trial Period
Every domain gets a free trial, even if you already have multiple subscriptions.



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