Looking for Outlook Spam Filter? Know the Features You Should Focus On

It happens with all that when they open their email address, 9 out of 10 emails are just spam. These spam emails not only waste your precious time which you spend on looking at them or deleting them but also put your safety at risk.


Though most of the times these emails are sent for the promotions, a few of them can also bring malicious files to your system. This may further result in the data breach or can damage all your data. Thus, to be on the safe side, it would be better to use spam filters for outlook.

Features of a good spam filter

There are the spam filters that block up to 99% of the spam and ensure complete protection for your computer. Designed incorporating the advanced technology, these filters detect the spam email before it reaches mail server and causes any damage to your system or data. Here are the main features of a good Outlook spam filter.

• Along with detecting the spam mails, it will also detect the valid email addresses for you.
• It has the ability to track emails in masses. The reputaion of the particular sender is also accessed during the filter process.
• A good spam filter is easy to use. Either you need to install it or just creating an account for it will do the job.
• It creates the White List that includes the email addresses, names or the entire domains by accessing your saved contacts and the ones you regularly respond to. This feature protects the genuine contact from getting blocked even in the case their content resembles to that of spam.
• Depending on the latest technology, the spam filters are regularly updated to ensure the best protection for your system.

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