How To Stop Spam

How to Stop Spam you ask?

Simple! Use SpamRaptor!

SpamRaptor stops email before it reaches your inbox!

The are many ways that you can stop spam from reaching your inbox. Most of these methods involve software on the server or on your computer. These are fine in some cases, but if you have been business for a while, your email addresses are definitely out there on the web and no doubt on a list or two.

Here is the scenario…

You get spam so you install some email spam solution on your individual computer. The software then does it’s best to identify and block the spam. This works for a period of time and uses up valuable resources on your mail server and the bandwidth for your account.

Installing Spam Software on your server like Spam Assassin or other spam type system also helps in this endeavor but spammers are getting smarter as server type spam software of this type use a scoring system which smart spammers can easily circumvent.

Enter into the picture SPAMRAPTOR!

SpamRaptor, stops spam before it reaches your inbox by using millions of filters along with human intervention and analysis. The email is processed by SpamRaptor’s mail servers before any resources are utilized on your server.

This is the best possible setup.

  1. SpamRaptor
  2. Spam Software running on your domain
  3. Spam Software running on your email program

The result?  99.9% Spam Blocking. Meaning you can actually get on with your day instead of dealing with and deleting email.