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Unfortunately, no. There needs to be some edits made to your DNS (Domain Name Service) and if you have a free account you do not have control over this.

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Yes, of course. Please contact us as the monthly rates are more than the annual plans so it is better to signup for an annual plan.

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We will bill your credit card for the service with a monthly or annual automatic renewal based on the type selected upon signup.

Category: Pre-Sales FAQs

Yes. You may contact your hosting company or in some cases your web designer, depending on who you may have given access too. If you need help finding out where your domain name is registered, please contact us OR you may use a tool like http://www.network-tools.com. Type in your domain name and select DNS from the options.

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Don’t worry! Every customer gets free protection from overage billing spikes. You are protected against billing spikes that are more than $20 over what your domain averaged for the past 3 billing cycles [ see details ].

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No.  An MX record points to your inbound mail server and it is quite common for the outbound mail server to be different than the inbound server.  We have never heard of anyone having an issue with their email getting blocked because their inbound (MX) server does not match the outbound server.

It is a common misconception that deliverability issues can occur if you point your MX record to a server separate from your outbound mail server.  This myth stems from the fact that many email servers do what is called a “reverse lookup”.  However, this reverse lookup is against the IP address of your outbound server and has nothing to do with your inbound (MX) mail server.  The purpose of this lookup is to confirm that the IP that you sent your message from points to a hostname that points back to this same IP.  That confirms to them that you are not spoofing the hostname of your outbound server.

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The maximum message size allowed for a single email message is currently 500 megabytes.

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While SpamRaptor will drastically reduce viruses received by email, we do not recommend disabling your anti-virus software. There are two reasons for this:

  1. Not all virus threats come by email.
  2. While our filtering system has been found to be very effective at also blocking viruses, the more layers of protection that you can have on your computer, the better.
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By subscribing to the SpamRaptor service, you will actually be increasing the reliability of your email service in three ways:

  1. If your mail server were to go down, our mail servers would queue your email (for up to five days) and your mail would be delivered automatically once your server comes back online.
  2. Each domain we filter email for is assigned to three redundant mail servers that are located in separate data centers. Should the primary filtering server go down, there are two others that will immediately begin to queue your email until the issue with the primary server is resolved.
  3. We provide a free quarantine viewer for your domain that will store all email that is blocked for at least 30 days. Even though it is extremely rare for our SpamRaptor to block a real message, you can have peace of mind in knowing that you can always release a message from the quarantine viewer if it gets placed there.
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It depends on who handles your domain’s DNS records. In most cases, this will be your web hosting provider. We will provide instructions that you can forward to your web hosting provider so that they can update your DNS records for you. If you’re comfortable making the change yourself, many web hosting providers also provide a control panel that you can login to and make the change yourself. If your web hosting provider does not provide DNS services for your domain, they can usually tell you who does and point you in the right direction. If your web host isn’t able to help you, let us know, and we’ll help you get this done.

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When email is sent to your domain, the sending server checks your domain’s MX record. This record tells the world what mail server handles your email. When you subscribe to the SpamRaptor service, you will change your domain’s MX record so that it points to our mail servers instead of your domain’s actual mail server. At that point, all your email will be routed to our servers, where your email will then be filtered and just the good mail will be forwarded on to your real mail server.

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Because there is nothing to install on your computer or on your mail server, SpamRaptor will work with virtually all email software and mail servers.

NOTE: Does not work with free email services such as gmail, yahoo, msn, etc.

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Remarkably effective. Because our filtering rulebase is updated multiple times per day by real humans, SpamRaptor is able to block new spam messages that our competitors often miss. We are so confident that you will be impressed by our service that we offer a 14 day free trial so you can try it without spending a dime.

Category: Pre-Sales FAQs

Yes!  The trial period is completely free. You will not be billed until the end of the trial. If you’re not impressed by the performance of SpamRaptor then simply email us to cancel the service and switch your domain away any time during the trial.

Category: Pre-Sales FAQs

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New Customer FAQs

For a quick and seamless setup:

You need to replace all of the existing MX records for your domain with the following:

yourdomainhere-com.p10.mxthunder.com. (priority 10)

yourdomainhere-com.p20.mxthunder.net. (priority 20)

yourdomainhere-com.p30.mxthunder.net. (priority 30)

 yourdomainhere-com.p40.mxthunder.net. (priority 40)

Example .COM : if your domain name is afterdarkgrafx.com then the records above would be:

afterdarkgrafx-com.p10.mxthunder.com. (priority 10)

afterdarkgrafx-com.p20.mxthunder.net. (priority 20)

afterdarkgrafx-com.p30.mxthunder.net. (priority 30)

afterdarkgrafx-com.p40.mxthunder.net. (priority 40)

Example .NET (.org, .cc, or other TLD): if your domain name is afterdarkgrafx.net then the records above would have .net in place of the .com for the domain.

 NOTE: The first MX record ends in “.com”, the remaining end in “.net” (it’s best to copy/paste the MX records).


Take a quick look at the list of Hosting Providers that require special attention


Using cPanel to update your DNS? Read this:    Configuring cPanel with SpamRaptor


 Once you have made changes to your DNS and any edits to your control panel/hosting account, Send yourself a test email from a remote email address (one that’s not on your domain name) to verify that your mail is delivering properly.

Example:  if you have a gmail account send an email from the gmail account to your regular email at your domain.


During the first 30 days SpamRaptor will automatically detect your valid email addresses.  After the 14 day trial period has ended you can setup additional email addresses for your domain via the control panel.

If you run into problems:


1)  You can always view and re-queue emails that have failed to deliver from within the control panel http://spamcontrol.afterdarkgrafx.com.


2) After sending a test message, view the delivery logs to diagnose the problem.


3) See our  support page, before contacting us as most answers are already there OR use our support ticket system here

If you need help making changes to your DNS or other help, please remit a support ticket with your username and password to your DNS provider (ie: Godaddy, Network Solutions, etc.)

NOTE: You may also receive emails directly from After Dark Grafx concerning your account or billing.

SpamRaptor is a service of After Dark Grafx and not a separate company.


If you have trouble logging in, please contact us.


If you have trouble logging in, please contact us.

1) Login to the control panel at http://spamcontrol.afterdarkgrafx.com with the username and password provided during setup of the account.

2) Select the SETTINGS TAB at top

3) Select EMAIL RECIPIENTS from the dropdown list

4) Select ADD NEW then enter the email address that you added to your server. Example: if you added joe@mydomain.com then you would enter it here

Your user will now be able to receive email.

1) Login to the control panel at http://spamcontrol.afterdarkgrafx.com with the username and password that were provided to you.

2) Once you login, click on QUARANTINE TAB at the top. Then scroll down to find the missed spam.

3) Once you find the email – roll your mouse over the from address and you will see a submenu pop up that allows you to WHITELIST the sender (so that their email will not get blocked in the future) and DELIVER MESSAGE which will send the email to your inbox.

Before you cancel your account, please contact us. If you are having trouble with the system or frustrated with functionality, maybe we can help you with an issue you are experiencing that can be fixed. Click here to fill out a support ticket.

You may cancel your account at any time within the 14 day trial period and you will not be charged for service. Please contact us via email at any time before the 14 day trial period.We will deactivate the account and you will not be billed. It is up to you to change your MX RECORDS at your DNS in order to maintain a working email service from your provider.

You may cancel your monthly account 90 days after the start of the service. We require at least 90 days of service billing in order to recoup our costs for the service. Please contact us via email 30 days prior to your cancellation and next billing date. We will deactivate the account and you will no longer be billed. It is up to you to change your MX RECORDS at your DNS in order to maintain a working email service from your provider.

You may cancel your annual account any time after the start of the service. Refunds are not prorated, meaning if you sign up and only use the service for 60 days, you would receive a refund less $80 per month. Please contact us via email 30 days prior to your cancellation and next billing date. We will deactivate the account and you will no longer be billed. It is up to you to change your MX RECORDS at your DNS in order to maintain a working email service from your provider.

See Monthly and Annual Policies above.

1) You signup
2) You make an edit to your DNS with records that we provide OR we can do this for you.
3) Once the records are changed, SpamRaptor will learn the types of spam you receive and automatically begin blocking the email.

Yes. Please be sure to login to the account and make sure that the access details work before you remit them to us to save time. Once we make the changes, you should change the password on that account.

If you are receiving quarantine reports, sometimes you will notice that the report shows messages that are not addressed to you.  This may seem like a bug or error.  But it is not.  There are two things to know:

1) Emails are similar to real physical letters.  There are To/From names and addresses written on the envelope, and also in the actual letter.  However, email users don’t get to see the envelope.  So when you see that a spam message was to a recipient that isn’t you, this usually means that the email was addressed to you on the envelope, but not in the letter.

2) It is a common practice among spammers to send messages to a bunch of users, written only on the envelope, but not on the letter.  This causes our users to question if certain spam emails are rightly showing up in their quarantine.  The answer is: yes.  The messages are rightly in the quarantine, even though it doesn’t look that way.

Unfortunately, even after switching your MX records, some spammers will continue to send spam directly to your mail server.   To prevent this, be sure to check out our article on how to Prevent spam from getting around the filter.  This step is not required to use SpamRaptor, but we recommend it.

By default, the catch-all will automatically turn off after the first 30 days.  When the catch-all feature is enabled our system will accept mail sent to any email address on your domain.  This feature is enabled for the first 30 days after setup so that we can automatically detect which email addresses are valid on your domain. Once the feature is disabled our system will only accept mail that is sent to ‘valid’ addresses.

You have the option to override this behavior by signing in to the control panel and going to Settings -> Catch-all.  Be warned that domains that leave their catch-all enabled will receive as much as 100 times as much mail.

At any time, you can review the list of email addresses that we consider ‘valid’ for your domain by signing in to your control panel and going to Settings -> Email Recipients.  All ‘valid’ email addresses are listed under the Approved andDetected tabs.  Mail sent to addresses listed under the Invalid tab will be rejected and will not count agains the total number of messages filtered.

Yes, you can set up a private quarantine for your users so that they can review spam that was sent to their address (or set of addresses).  The quarantine user logins are limited to the Quarantine and the Dashboard. You can also setup a single quarantine for a group of users to share (sales@, jim@, mary@, bob@). Users can also have Quarantine Reports sent to them on an hourly, daily or weekly basis so that they can review and release quarantined messages directly from their own email software.

Most users will see a drastic reduction in spam within the first hour or two from the time their domain is fully setup.  However, because of the way the internet works, it can take up to 72 hours before all of the mail servers around the world begin sending your domain’s mail through our filter.

For the first 30 days after your domain is setup we’ll accept email that is sent to any address on the domain (this is also known as the ‘catch-all’ feature).  When we receive a “good” message we’ll deliver it to your domain and mark the address as one that we should accept mail for in the future.

You can review which recipient email addresses we’ve detected so far by signing in to your control panel and going toSettings -> Email Recipients and then clicking on the Detected tab.

Or, you can also provide a list of email addresses that are valid for your domain by signing in to your control panel and going to Settings -> Email Recipients and clicking on the Add New button on the Approved tab.

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Recent Questions and Answers

We don’t have an option for deleting all mail from the quarantine at once yet.
You can delete up to 500 messages at a time by changing your page size to 500 messages and then using the “Delete Spam” button at the bottom of the quarantine list, as shown here:

This error is a result of a cPanel setting on the mail host.  To fix this problem, log into your cPanel, and follow the steps found in this article:

Configuring cPanel with SpamRaptor

If you are not able to turn of the SPF filter on your mail host, to resolve this issue you will need to turn on the SPF Workaround feature.  To do so, log into your SpamHero Control Panel, then click Settings > filtering policies.

Then scroll down until  you see the “SPF Workaround” option.  Check the box, then click Update:

SPF Workaround SpamRaptor

When you log into the SpamRaptor control panel, sometimes you will see this warning:

Spam Cloud

You will see this warning only when your domains current MX records are not exactly matching the recommended MX records.  To begin troubleshooting, you will first need to find out what MX records your domain are using.  You can use this website to check your MX records:


Once you reach that site, enter your domain name, and click MX Lookup:

This will show you what MX records your domain is using.  Now, take a look at what MX records we recommend.  You can do this by clicking the Settings > mail host tab, then scroll down to the bottom:
Best Spam Solution for my Website

Please note, if your domain’s MX records don’t match, or if you are using only 1 or 2 of the recommended records, or if you have another MX record that isn’t on the recommended list, then you will get this warning in the Dashboard.

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